Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photo Editing FUN!

In preparation towards taking my friend Theresa's maternity photos, I have been practicing my photography, and more specifically, learning how to use editing programs to create more professional images.

The first one is a self-issued challenge to shoot a wedding gown in a window.  This is a difficult shot to capture as the gown is back-lit; you want to capture it glowing without using a flash to illuminate it, which ruins that romantic and ethereal look.

About 40 shutter clicks later, I captured this beauty using the natural light as it filtered into the window:

And used editing to give it a little more visual interest and glow.  Too bad the dress was wrinkled and missing buttons!

Using the same window, I captured this shot of flowers.

And with edits

A shot of my gorgeous rings

And with edits, probably one of my favorite shots

An outdoor landscape shot

And fixed

So, I was having so much fun editing my own wedding shots, that I pulled out some of the shots from our wedding.  These are not ones done by our professional photographers, but done by a friend of Dave's family. He brought his professional camera and produced about 350 edited and polished shots for us, but it's apparent that his eye for editing and mine are very different.  

Here is the before - a bit washed out but with tons of potential:

And my favorite 'after' of this series.   

Or, with some color adjustments, it also made a beautiful color photograph.

Too much fun.  I'm going to keep working on this, and tomorrow I'm doing the first of two maternity shoots for Theresa.  There is several inches of snow on the ground and it promises to be a beautiful day!  

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