Monday, February 22, 2010

Maternity Photo Shoot

We did it!  Yesterday my friend Theresa and I spent a few hours outdoors capturing her 21 week baby bump on  camera.  Not only did we have loads of fun, but the snow and cloud cover afforded us the amazing and rare opportunity to do winter weather portraits.

I have to say, I surprised myself!  I knew ages ago that I liked doing photography; I knew that my eye was for people, portraits, details, and candid shots (unlike landscapes like my talented husband,, but I had no idea that with the right equipment I could actually do it *well*.  I'm not wanting to be an attention whore here, but I keep scrolling through these and saying to myself 'HOLY JEEPERS MOLY Chris you need to do more of this. . .'.

Theresa is so gorgeous anyways that I think we could have used a point and shoot in bright sunlight and she still would have looked stunning, but I digress.  I loved the snowflakes coming down, and spent a good deal of time before our shoot yesterday relearning how to use shutter speed and aperture to achieve artistic photos. . .and I have to say that it's like riding a bike.

It's been years since I've done manual SLR photography (I've been cheating and using auto settings) but now that I've got the hang of it again the doors are wide open: watch out world.

Without further ado, my gorgeous friend and her baby Kahlan.  We'll be doing this again around 30 weeks.

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