Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Virtual Tour!

Our townhouse is officially on the market!  Here is our virtual tour. . .it's gorgeous!  I can't believe how pristine and beautiful he made this house look.


I spend HOURS upon hours cleaning and staging it - our real estate agent was really impressed, and DH and I were talking about how our townhouse is cleaner and less cluttered than ANY listing we have seen to date.  Hopefully that translates to a full price offer.

It was bittersweet putting the lock box on the door and signing the paperwork, but I know it's all for a good reason.  Now our house is spotless, we live carefully as to keep it in show condition because some showings are scheduled with little more than an hours notice.

Speaking of showings, they can be a pain in the neck!  I have to drop anything I am doing and leave the house, dog on a leash,and walk for an hour or otherwise occupy myself and Chloe.  The weather isn't quite nice enough to sit outside a coffee shop, and I don't want to just leave her sitting in the car.

Our first showing got poor feedback - the guy was a real jerk though.  He said we needed new paint (what?  We have new paint, most of it professional, in every room of this house), that it didn't show well at all, and that we were $16,000 overpriced.  That is maybe true if we were in a different city or had no views, but where we are?  Not a chance.  Plus, hasn't this genius ever heard of  pricing high and bargaining down?

Our second showing got excellent feedback: great price, showed well, clean, etc.

Each to their own!

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