Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mudroom Remodel

To prep our townhouse to go on the market, we did a remodel on our dated, dirty mudroom.  It is in a basement where there is little natural light and thus tends to be dark by nature: it is also the entrance from the garage and a pretty large space.  The laundry and a bonus family/bedroom/office/storage room (whatever it works out best as) are also in this basement area.

Previously, the room had white walls covered in black scuffs (from my husband tossing his shoes down the stairs) and was carpeted with 15 year old industrial Berber that had definitely seen better days.

The total cost start to finish was less than <$500.


Boring, right?  

To brighten it up, we chose a really light creamy shade of yellow called 'downy' for the walls, and painted the baseboards and doors bright white.

I ripped up the carpet, and spent HOURS pulling up carpet tack and staples. 


After painting the walls and pulling up the carpet, I painted the stairs white, and used double sided carpet tape to affix a brand new runner ($2.78/foot).

On the floor of the mudroom, I prepped the cement by scraping off inconsistencies and rolling a fresh coat of primer.  We chose Armstrong peel and stick tiles for their resiliency (vinyl, which is great for the only room in the house where shoes are allowed) in a stone pattern.  Because we didn't want it too look like fake tile, we did not choose a pattern with grout lines on it.  To make it stick to the cement (in addition to the primer) I also used a hair dryer to heat each tile and the cement one square foot at a time.  

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